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Ashok Industries is a Family managed firm in a business of acquiring processing and marketing Guar Gum for the last 31 years. Based in the region of Jodhpur in state of Rajasthan, India, the firm has a tradition of maintaining strong ties and business links with quality Guar Gum growers in India, which is the largest grower of Guar Gum crop all over the world. The processing plant itself (Jodhpur, Barmer and Sanchore) are located in a region which produces maximum guar gum crop. Ashok Industries, therefore has the advantage of choosing the best raw material. The raw material is graded, processed and inspected by the Quality Assurance Team. It is then packed and distributed as per customers' demand.


Ashok Industries is engaged in the business of Manufacturing and exporting Guar Gum, Cassia Split and Guar Meal It also supplies its produce in the domestic market to leading multinational companies, pharmaceutical companies food industries, health care industries, textile, paper industry, explosive , mining , paint industries. The Firm has established its leadership by offering quality products made within an infrastructure that conforms to international standards, and by offering the most competitive prices and unmatched customer services.

Product Range

The Company process guar gum and cassia powder in different forms given under:
1. Guar Gum 
2. Cassia Split 
3. Guar Meal / Roasted Meal
4. Guar Derivates

Manufacturing and Quality

Quality is a way of life at Ashok Industries. Everyone, right from management, through the customer support team to factory personnel are committed to delivering high-grade products that customers have come to expect of Ashok Industries.
Ashok has made significant investments in sophisticated manufacturing technology. All the factories are equipped with modern automated machinery that helps maintain high quality levels as well as production volumes. Currently, the factories have a combined capacity to produce approximately 6,000 MT annually.
This includes:
• Raw material receipt and analysis from pre approved suppliers
• Regular analysis of in process samples
• Documentation of various in process parameters for repeatability and consistency in product
• Final blending and analysis before packing
• Separate areas for raw material storage, processing, packing and separate warehouse for finished goods stacking
• Pest Control Programme inside and outside of the facility
• Transport qualification for finished goods transport

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